Bobbie R. Worrell

Bobbie R. Worrell

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To help you, your partnership and/or family unit rediscover your unique strengths and learn new skills to overcome your current problems.  Often times these problems become seemingly unsolvable and overwhelming.  Please read on to see how professional counseling services can help. Looking forward to helping you get to a healthier You and Us


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Why seek professional counseling services?

We all have experiences where we hit roadblocks in life, when we may feel sadness or worry, when life's stresses seem overwhelming.  Most of the time we are able to overcome these situations by ourselves or with support of family and friends.

However, there may be times when personal problem solving keep us in a viscous cycle of non-resolution and require the objective help of experts.  Professional counseling can provide you with a confidential space and time that is completely devoted to help resolve the problems that have kept you, your partnership and or your family stuck.  The goal of professional counseling is to provide a safe, caring environment where you, your partnership and or family can open up to different approaches to solving your problems and get closer to living the quality of life that you want.  

Preference may be for individual counseling sessions, but when problems involve your family, children, or partner, sometimes family or relationship counseling is a better choice.  

About the Professional

Bobbie R. Worrell, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.


To schedule an appointment or to discuss if counseling may be helpful in solving your current problems Bobbie can be contacted by phone or email.

Phone: (601)691-2337



1164 Bishop St., Suite 1510,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813